Historic Tram Tour - explore an underground adventure rich in history, geology, mining, recycling, green building technology, and just simply HUGE in scale! The man-made cavern spans under a number of roadways above and is part of 17 miles of corridors located beneath the city of Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a great tour for all ages—whether you want to learn about science and history or simply want to see what a giant man-made cavern of this magnitude looks like!

Hop on an SUV-pulled tram and be joined by a MEGA Cavern expert who will guide you on your underground adventure. It’s a 60-70 minute tour, strategically lit to enjoy highlights such as some early cavern formations, a historic replica of the Cuban Missile Fallout Bunker, a worm recycling/tasting room, sights and facts of the early mining operation and more surprises around every corner! Louisville MEGA Cavern is an all-weather attraction. The temperature inside the cavern hovers at a comfortable 58 degrees year round. Because you ride through the cavern and never walk, it is especially convenient for parents with small children, seniors and physically challenged.

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